Hey i'm Grace or you can call me Moki, welcome to my fandom blog which is full of Yugioh, Supernatural, Teen Titans basically all the things that I love along with cosplay and many other brilliant things.

I track -TheGodDamnKaibaMan

Question time video…

So as part of creating my new YouTube account I saw it best to get people to ask me questions for my first video, these can be anything you like and everyone that answers will be credited on the video. I’m really grateful to anyone that sends in any questions, it will really make my day and depending on how many questions I receive it will either be filmed today or tomorrow!

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Disney’s Maleficent - “Dream” Trailer


Sandy’s my fav Guardian, okay

His sand is fucking ridiculous drawing

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ᴠɪᴍᴏʀᴀᴠᴇᴄ ᴇᴅɪᴛ: Black Butler
     "Being in service to an earl."  

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I’m just trying to get lunch, not have an existential crisis.

I’m ill, and no one wants to talk to me

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Kuroshitsuji Artbook 1 ⇒ Yana Toboso


This kid has been staring at a picture of broccoli for about 15 minutes now

He keeps zooming in and out and looking over every branch

Finals week has really taken a lot out of some people